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  • Angela Chaffee

    Angela is arrrrgh friendly receptionist. You will hear her patient voice when you call and she will get you routed to where you need to go! Having three kids of her own adds to her patience. Original a Copp from Cumberland (not the thin blue line type) now happily married and raising a family and the gatekeeper to our Ford family!

  • Sheri Howe
    Title Clerk

    Sheri is our title clerk, proud mother and supporter of the Brunswick Dragons and by far and away our best resident bowler! After you buy or trade for your new car or truck Sheri will be sure that your state paperwork is correct and your trade is paid off in a timely fashion. She doesn't strike out on paperwork but is known to throw a few strikes at Yankee Lanes, and if you can beat her we will take another $100 off your next car!

  • Tucker Cianchette
    General Manager

    Describing Tucker is easy:

    Customer Care
    Provides opportunity for both
    customers and employees
    Encourages Community Involvement
    Friendship for all
    Finds ways to share success
    with customers and employees

    If you need an upbeat moment added to your day or would like to shop inventory/service your vehicle, stop into Tucker Ford.  You will be welcomed with a smile and treated to what we call "The Tucker Hospitality".

  • Jason Leyro
    Finance Manager

    Jason, our Finance manager knows what it's like to have teeth pulled, so it won't be like pulling teeth when you get to our F&I department! Jason has lived in New York and Miami before moving to Portland for Family, great Food and the best local beer in the country! Some of Jason's favorite include Mast Landing, Rising Tide, Bissell and he's a connoisseur of Mexican cuisine. He is passionate about providing your best options and always easy to reach!

  • Gary Goodman
    Tucker Ford Sales & Leasing Specialist

    Gary "GG" Goodman is our resident Miami Dolphin fan. Gary was a DJ in town for many years before joining our team and we think that anyone who can listen to two songs at once should be able to listen to our customers even when a husband or wife don't agree we know Gary will be hearing both sides. Come let Gary take you for a spin.

  • Jay Snyder
    Service Advisor

    Coach Jay Snyder originally from Colorado and a Denver Bronco fan, also coaches Yarmouth baseball and football when he's not training dolphins. Jason is the fastest defensive back you've ever seen on a basketball court and the best guy to get your brought in quickly whether you need an oil change or an engine swap!

  • Shaun Randall
    Service Advisor

    Shaun joins our team with over twenty years of master Ford technician experience, and was arguably the best transmission tech in the great state of Maine before being promoted. Shaun is an avid outdoorsman but when it comes to hunting season his wife is who takes the cake year over year, better luck next year Shaun!

  • Sarah Nelson
    BDC Manager

    Ten pounds of dynamite in a five pound package! Sarah is blowing up our sales volume thanks to her quick and clear responses to our customers that prefer to communicate via the world wide web. Sarah was a makeup distributor before joining our team so if there is anyone that can help with color shades then she's your girl. She sells iron by day, and pumps it at night, the bantam weight of our crew.

  • Andre Lester
    Sales Manager

    NanananaNananana NanananaNananana RAP MAN! Andre our superhero sales manager from Savannah City Georgia has been saving citizens money for nearly a decade in Newport, Maine and now has moved to Brunswick with his wife and daughters to save the people from high prices and lousy service. If you see a beam of light pointing towards Topsham it's probably from the headlights of another satisfied customer! Come swoop in and see him today!

  • Chris Long
    Service Manager

    Chris puts the Long in Longtime employee, he has been in the same location for nearly twenty years, originally a technician but now manages our great service department. When Chris is not drinking creatine shakes he's crunching numbers or abs, or pushing a broom or a car that just can't muster on its own.  If you need fast friendly service, ask for Chris.

  • Mike Gardner
    Sales & Leasing Specialist

    Mike, originally from Calais now lives in Gray is a loving father, Celtics fan, and pick-up basketball superstar. Currently he is our only vegan so if you go against him on the court don't be distracted by the smell of hummus or tofu. Mike was trained by a chef before deciding to embrace the car business and certainly a power forward on our team.

  • John Mallory
    Sales and Leasing Specialist

    John is an avid Redsox and New York Giant fan (we don't have the heart to tell him they are actually from New Jersey) and joins us from Marriot hotels. His tenure in the hospitality business helps set him apart when he is working with customers. Our very own leaner version of uncle Eddie is a University of Maine graduate with a History degree and now also completely Ford certified.

  • Tommy Grinnan
    Sales and Leasing Specialist

    Born in the mean streets of Camden NJ Tommy was fortunate enough to escape the concrete jungle and blessed to always be rocking a fresh cut courtesy of his hairdressing girlfriend. Tommy, a hereditary Philadelphia Eagles fan, comes from the restaurant world and has been quick to connect with customers and identify their needs quickly and efficiently. Tommy goes the extra mile to make sure his customers are attended to and get the best deal on a new or used Ford.