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Tucker Ford Has Partnered with Waldoch Crafts in Brunswick, ME

At Tucker Ford, we look to provide you with a top-of-the-line car-buying experience. We know owning a Ford is something to celebrate and we want you to feel right at home inside whichever Ford model you wish to finance. Our Ford dealership in Brunswick, ME, only partners with companies who share our same passion for Ford vehicles. That's why we're excited to announce our new partnership with Waldoch Crafts.

Waldoch Crafts believes that traveling should be fun. This Minnesota-based company specializes in luxury vans and trucks that are built on a Ford Transit van chassis. Tucker Ford is the only Waldoch Craft partner in Maine, and we're excited to bring you these high-quality and luxurious vans at our Brunswick Ford dealership. Available in four different styles and packages -- Waldoch Luxury, Shuttle, Limo and Mobility Galaxy vans -- you can now upgrade your drives and make lasting memories on the road. You can even custom-order a Waldoch Galaxy van at our local Ford dealership, should you wish to build your own. Check out what's included in each Waldoch Galaxy van package below and buy or lease a Waldoch van at Tucker Ford today!

Waldoch Luxury Galaxy Vans

Waldoch Luxury Galaxy Vans

Waldoch Luxury Galaxy vans are perfect for those who need to seat five, seven, eight, nine or 10 passengers. Simply choose either a high-top Galaxy van or a low-top Galaxy van and enjoy the following standard and available features:

  • Heated Front Seats with High and Low Switch
  • Personal Control Center w/ USB Charging Port & Switch for LED Light
  • Personal Overhead Reading Lights
  • Courtesy LED Light in Side Step Wells and Sliding Door
  • Plush Nylon Carpeting Throughout with 1/2-inch Carpet Red
  • Apple TV and Mobile Satellite DirectTV
Waldoch Shuttle Galaxy Vans

Waldoch Shuttle Galaxy Vans

Need something a little bigger? Try the new Waldoch Shuttle Galaxy van on for size. They can seat eight, 10, 12 or 15 passengers and include the following standard and available features:

  • Four USB Ports
  • Overhead Courtesy Lights
  • Black Aluminum Running Boards
  • Rear Storage Area with Jack and Lug Storage
  • 15-inch Flip-Down LCD Monitor with DVD and Headphones
  • High Black Plush Leather Shuttle Seats
Waldoch Limo Galaxy Vans

Waldoch Limo Galaxy Vans

Need a wedding limo, party limo or lounge limo? We have you covered with our selection of Waldoch Limo Galaxy vans. These limos can seat nine, 10, 13, 15 or over 15 passengers, depending on their configuration. You can even buy our jumbo extended 6-passenger limo that includes two sofas! Waldoch limo vans can include the following standard and available features:

  • Black Altro Commercial Vinyl Flooring
  • Storage and Cooler Console - replaces passenger seat
  • Complete Limo Package
  • 32-inch Flip-Down HD LCD TV with DVD and Headphones
  • Limo Intercom Phone System
  • Power Sliding Door with Driver Button and Wireless Fob
Waldoch Mobility Galaxy Vans

Waldoch Mobility Galaxy Vans

If you need a van that's handicap-accessible, look no further than a new Waldoch Mobility Galaxy van. These vans can fit anywhere between one to four wheelchairs and seat two, four, five, six, eight or 11 passengers. Waldoch Mobility Galaxy vans can include the following standard and available features:

  • Automotive Luxury Foamed Headliner Throughout
  • Magnetic Switch in Taillights to Control Door Openers
  • Interlock System
  • Q-Straint QRT-MAX Retractable Wheelchair Restraint with Lap & Shoulder Belt.
  • Rear Luggage Partition Wall
  • Four USB Ports

Tucker Ford is your new go-to destination for all things Waldoch Crafts. Contact us today to learn more about our recent partnership and how you can order a Waldoch Galaxy van

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